Why is Asphalt the Right Choice?

When it comes time to update or install a paved surface, researching the many available options quickly becomes tiring and confusing. Each material has its advantages and drawbacks, but asphalt is often the right choice. Asphalt is a durable material that provides many incredible benefits for commercial use. Here’s why you should choose asphalt for your project. 

Highly Durable

When designed and installed properly, asphalt has the potential to last a very long time. Asphalt holds up a lot better in the frigid winter temperatures of Indianapolis. It will hold up to the cold, as well as the salt and snow-removal products. A sealed asphalt parking lot is water-resistant and much less likely to crack from the freeze-thaw cycles. 


While maintenance is necessary, it is very quick to do and results in minimal traffic disruptions. Asphalt is easier to maintain and repair than concrete and repairs blend in seamlessly with the original surface. You will want to seal the asphalt every few years or as needed, but the process is simple and inexpensive compared to the repairs for other materials. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Asphalt is a material that can be used repeatedly and has an unlimited life cycle. If it exists it can be dug up and reused! It is an ideal choice for environmentally-friendly projects and helps preserve our natural resources. 


Cut the costs of your project by choosing asphalt. It’s an economical, efficient choice for paving. The installation costs are lower, as well as the long-term cost of maintenance. 

Shorter Installation Time 

Installation time for asphalt is very quick, which also helps keeps the cost down. Professional installation may be completed in as little as two days. You will not have to stop business or deal with the long-term hassle of losing access to your parking lot. Additionally, asphalt is ready to endure traffic immediately after it is compacted and cooled. 

Professional Asphalt Installation 

No matter what type of project you have that requires asphalt installation, we are here to help. Baumgartner & Company Asphalt Services is an Indianapolis company offering unparalleled experience and attention to complete your project on time and within your budget. To learn more about municipal asphalt services or to request your free quote, contact us at 317-296-7225, sales@baumgartnerasphalt.com, or HERE.