New Construction Asphalt Paving


Baumgarner & Company is here for all of your asphalt needs, including new construction. To ensure high-quality asphalt construction that is durable and longlasting, we always use the correct tools, materials, and team. Our trained professionals know the best practices and how to use the top-of-the-line equipment for every new asphalt construction job. Through unparalleled customer service and work you can count on, Baumgartner & Company stands out against the competition for our new asphalt construction service.

Earthmoving, Excavation, and Underground


Our dedicated team has the proper knowledge and experience to handle any new asphalt construction project. Our technical sales team will fairly bid your entire job and our team will manage all of your new construction projects. We will do the job correctly and efficiently and handle all of your new construction projects including:

  • Earthmoving
  • Underground drainage
  • Aggregate base
  • Asphalt paving
  • And any other mix of design and traffic specifications!

Commonly, we use drain tile to prevent damage to your pavement. This process is incredibly effective for reducing the risk of future pavement damage. A drain tile collects water underneath the pavement and brings it to a catch basin, instead of allowing it to saturate the soils beneath your pavement and erode the support base.

Schedule Your New Asphalt Construction!


The knowledgeable team at Baumgartner & Company has been paving the way with our asphalt services in the greater Indianapolis area for many years. No asphalt project is too big or too small for our caring team, and we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations. For asphalt services that you can count on, including new asphalt construction, look no further than Baumgartner & Company. We service the greater Indianapolis area and are happy to help you with your new construction needs. To learn more about our new construction service or to request your quote today, contact us at 317-296-7225,, or through our website HERE.