What to Test for Before Laying Asphalt

Asphalt is an incredibly durable material to use for parking lots, roads, and other paving projects. While it does require maintenance to ensure durability, installation is fairly quick and it can be maintained fairly easily. However, there are some tests required prior to asphalt installation. In this post, we explain what to test before laying asphalt. 

Base Levels

One thing you must test prior to laying asphalt is the gravel base. In order to provide the best asphalt laying, the gravel base must be uniformly compact and free of soft spots. Contractors use a Light Weight Deflectometer to immediately assess the level of compaction of the gravel base. If the underlying materials are too high, and there is not enough room for all the asphalt layers, then the material must be re-laid. If the underlying material is too low, your contractor must add layers of at least 150mm above it to correct the underlying level. This method offers fast results, which are crucial for ensuring timely completion of the asphalt laying. 


Weather matters for asphalt installation. Thicker asphalt requires lower air temperatures for the asphalt to cool. Additionally, the paving area must be completely dry. Your asphalt contractors will understand how weather impacts asphalt installation and must assess the weather conditions prior to installing asphalt. 

Visual Inspection of the Area

A visual inspection of the area is necessary. The visual inspection will look for properly compacted materials, debris, biscuit layers, dust, and the side of the gutter. There can be no debris including plastics or wood in the unbound material. There should be no biscuit layers. The side of the gutter must be coated with tar. The unbound surface needs to be swept and dust-free. 

Proper testing prior to asphalt installation ensures a smooth installation that lasts as long as possible. The above are a few of the tests an experienced contractor will perform prior to installing your asphalt. For the highest quality asphalt services in Indianapolis, look no further than Baumgartner & Company. Our experienced team has the knowledge to tackle any paving project, and we always take the care to perform all necessary tests. To learn more about tests before asphalt installation or to schedule your consultation today, contact us at 317-296-7225 or  info@baumgartnerasphalt.com

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