How to Build the Perfect Parking Lot

Your parking lot is one of the first opportunities you have to make an impression on your customers. Offering access to a quality parking lot is a great way to differentiate your business and satisfy your customers. When it comes time to revamp your parking lot, there are actually many factors to consider. Here are some of the key considerations for building the perfect parking lot for your Indianapolis business. 

Define the Purpose of Your Parking Lot 

Before designing your parking lot, you must assess the purpose it is meant to serve. For example, a parking lot meant to serve weekend shoppers will need to be different than one meant to hold truck-loading of large shipments. The purpose of your parking lot will help you determine its size, asphalt thickness, and parking space angles. 

Calculate Size and Spacing

The next step is to calculate the size of your parking lot and spaces. Determine the number of spaces you can have based on industry recommended or building code required sizes. Always remember to consider accessibility requirements, like space you will need for handicap parking spacing, ramps, and other curb structures. Include any additional functions like a drive-through lane, truck-loading zone, or zone for drop-offs/pickups. 

Design Your Parking Lot Layout

Functionality is critical for parking lot design. Optimize space efficiently with the angle of your parking spaces. Make sure your parking lot has the necessary traffic signage, and painted asphalt markings. 

Safety Measures

Traffic flow is important, but not the only consideration. Incorporate inlets and catch basins to prevent standing water on your asphalt. Additionally, include adequate light fixtures that provide excellent coverage. 

Add Other Design Elements 

Other design elements can give your parking lot the extra special touch that your customers or clients appreciate. Incorporate landscaping design for visual effect and to shield neighboring buildings. Make sure any landscaping does not obstruct traffic and is trimmed regularly.

Asphalt Maintenance  

Building the perfect parking lot is only the first step. In order to have a perfect parking lot for your building, you must implement asphalt maintenance solutions. All parking lots will show wear and tear over time due to heavy use and weather. 

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