Asphalt Maintenance and Repair


Repairing damage as soon as possible is crucial for extending the life of your asphalt. Avoid spending more on costly repairs and keep customers safe when you immediately repair damaged asphalt. Baumgartner & Company Asphalt Services is here to help you avoid litigation and extend the life of your asphalt with asphalt repairs.

Asphalt & Concrete Repair


When moisture intrudes, it causes pavement deterioration. If small cracks are left untreated, more moisture will get into the pavement and expand when frozen to create potholes. Potholes are not only annoying, but they are also dangerous for foot traffic and damaging to cars. When you properly maintain your asphalt with asphalt repairs, you prevent potholes and keep your asphalt safe. However, you must first repair asphalt prior to seal coating it. Baumgartner & Company Asphalt Services is here to help you with all of your asphalt and concrete repair needs including:

  • Deteriorated asphalt
  • Stress cracks
  • Potholes
  • Low spots
  • Concrete
  • Handicap ramps
  • Speed bumps
  • Utility cuts
  • And more!

Repair Your Asphalt & Concrete Today!


Extend the life of your asphalt or concrete and keep people safe by repairing it today. For the best asphalt and concrete repair service in the greater Indianapolis area, look no further than Baumgartner & Company Asphalt Services. Our entire team values integrity and providing the most dependable service. You can count on us for all of your asphalt and concrete needs. We insist on nothing less than excellence in our work and how we treat our clients. For asphalt and concrete repair, you can count on, choose Baumgartner & Company Asphalt Services. To learn more about maintenance asphalt services or to request your free quote, contact us at 317-296-7225,, or HERE.